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Hear my plea.

I am in my second year at college. Due to some mix ups and unforeseen events I owe a large sum of money. For me to return in the fall, I have to pay it off August 1st. I gotta sign up for classes and stuff. I literally have no money and no way of acquiring enough except for this last effort. (My last few dimes were spent on yarn T_T)

In order to raise money I have decided to sell Avenger inspired hats. PLEASE BUY ALL THE HATS. PLEASE.

My goal is 50 hats overall. That will raise enough to pay what I owe. Please help a starving artist. Please I beg you I’m groveling omg help gah death asdlfjakjsdhfashf OTL. Ahem. 


If you want a hat and are feeling compassionate OR do not want a hat and are feeling compassionate, please feel free to click the link below. Please my whole future is in your hands omg i don’t know how I got into this mess ilu guys please help


If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Ilu ;o;

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